About us

Industrial Service is an individual company born in 2001 and since then its growth has been consistent over the banner of the professionalism and competence .

The company operates in the electromechanical field , supporting customers in the production of cables and conductors transport energy.

We produce machines needed at each stage of manufacturing process of wire and cable for all ferrous and non-metallic materials, combining production and commercial activity, services technical advice preliminary plant engineering and after sales support .

Thanks to a technically qualified staff, with over thirty years of experience , we are able to offer complete solutions ranging from raw material processing to finished product.

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Prodotti e Servizi

Industrial Service offre una gamma completa di linee ed attrezzature per la produzione di fili, piattine per trasporto energia.
E' vicina ai propri clienti per raggiungere eccellenti prestazioni.
Molti sono i prodotti ed i servizi per l'industria che propone con soluzioni personalizzate.
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Industrial Service offers a complete range of lines and machines suitable for the production of wire & flat wire for energy transport.
It is near its customers to ensure outstanding performance always.
Industrial Service can offer many products and services for the industry with always personalized solutions.
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